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Mold Remediation

We work quickly and efficiently to remediate and prevent mold in your crawlspace, attics. Whether it's in Boise, McCall, Sun Valley, or Twin Falls, we are avaiable to you for professional mold removal.

Dry Ice Blasting

Similar to sand blasting or pressure washing, Cold Clean uses crushed dry ice pellets to remove residues such as mold or smoke damage from the wood from the substrate

Insulation Removal

Where insulation removal is required, we hand-remove fiberglass rolls and pack them in bags. If an attic has blown insulation, we use a large vacuum to remove all the material.

Industrial Cleaning

CO2 blasting, is an extremely effective form of blasting for industrial cleaning. Dry ice blasting is the most versatile process available. It can scour away the heaviest industrial build up without harming electrical switches, wiring and sensors.